What Condos allow guests in BGC, Taguig City, Philippines?

According to Metro Manila Condos in Philippines: Bellagio, Verve, Maridien, and Avida 34th. Possibly also Seibu, Grand Hamptons, and Avida Verde, learn more of the details here:


Here’s a story about the awful way Forbeswood Parklane managed relationships with freedom, foreigners and rental ‘fares.’  A landlord lost a tenant due to the admin not allowing the tenant to have his girlfriend, his friends and not even his staff to visit.  Even with a negative covid test, his staff was not allowed, even for professional purposes.  The Lessee moved to another building in BGC that freely allows all guests without restrictions.


Forbeswood Parklane said it was due to government guidelines, but it turns out these decisions are made my condo admin.  Despite being funded by the landlords, the associations are implementing restrictions, still in late 2020, to prevent covid but only to have a result that does not allow visitors who have a negative covid test.

After interviewing the guest on Videolux’s youtube channel we learned that the condo admin is responsible for these decisions, not the government. 


Inquire about condos that allow guests here.For Rent

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